The Town Of Třešť

  • Big frame by Otto Šimánek or Postcard from Třešť - forged frame with a bowler hat and a little umbrella, where it is possible to take a picture like Mr. Tau with a panorama of Třešť and the Třešť Chateau Hotel. It is located only 500 m by long beautiful walk from the castle.
  • Church of St. Martin - the oldest architectural monument in the town (approx. 300 m).
  • Church of St. Kateřina Sienská (approx. 450 m).
  • Museum of Vysočina Jihlava - Třešť branch (500 m).
  • Wooden statue of Mr. Tau - Remembrance of a local native at the bus station (500m).
  • Exhibition of nativity scenes (550 m) - a year-round exhibition that comes to life throughout the town during the Advent period.
  • Sundial - the largest clock of this type in Central Europe (550 m).
  • Former Jewish synagogue (600 m). - a city of UNESCO monuments with a Jewish quarter, a Jewish cemetery and the Basilica of St. Prokop (34km).