Accompanying Program

Liven up your conference with an unconventional location in the fresh air in the middle of the castle park.



Tasting with a chateau‘s sommelier.

"A set table, wine and friends bring people happiness and relaxation." We offer you an interesting talk about wine, during which you will get acquainted with local and French products. During the tasting, it will be possible to have a bite of small snacks - sliced ​​cheese, cracknels, olives, bread - and help yourselves with fresh water to drink.


Chateau‘s barbecue

Are you a real gourmet? Do you love the smell of forest and wood? Does the crackling of the fire bring you peace? Discover the magic of our grill! We will organize a barbecue for you according to your requirements in the castle park. On request, we can arrange musical accompaniment.


Founded in the 1970s in the USA, Discgolf Sport is gaining more and more fans around the world. The rules of the game are based on classic golf. The goal is to hit the flying saucer in the basket with as few throws as possible. In the picturesque surroundings of the castle park, there is a nine-hole course ready for you, where you can test your skills.



French board game for two 1–3-member teams, which try to place the balls as close as possible to the goal, which consists of a wooden ball, the so-called cochonnet. The principle of the game is very simple. The advantage of this sport is that it can be practiced by practically anyone.


Photo corner

Photographs capture exceptional moments of our events, which then become the best memories. That is why we offer the use of a photo corner, which can be built directly at the place of your event. Part of the photo corner is a background that you can choose in advance and incorporate into the theme of the meeting. There is also lighting equipment, a camera, a computer with a printer for professional photo printing and a staff member throughout the event at your disposal.



Music creates a pleasant atmosphere at gala evenings, corporate events and informal evening gatherings. If you wish, we will provide you with a musical form and style according to your wishes, suitable for the occasion - from DJ through classical music, live band to big band.


Exhibition of nativity scenes in Schumpeter's house

Decorating a Christmas tree, cutting an apple, casting lead and building nativity scenes are traditional Christmas activities. In Schumpeter's house in Třešť you can visit an exhibition of nativity scenes, which reach a length of up to seven meters and some of them number up to 500 figures. The tour lasts about 60 minutes.


Geopark - nature trail in the park

Geopark brochure


Bicycle and scooter rental

In the Chateau‘s Hotel we offer bicycle and scooter rental for all who want to test their physique on the hills of the beautiful Vysočina.


Catch and let go

Become a fisherman by our pond for a while, where you will try a new view and approach to fishing as a sport and at the same time relax from the daily hustle and bustle.



Experience a relaxing outdoors sitting with a full picnic basket in the beautiful chateau‘s park. You can freely fill the contents of the picnic basket by arrangement with the chef.


Rental of sports equipment and board games


Library with the possibility of TV

In the common room you can enjoy your free time reading books, playing board and computer games or having a classic pleasant chat with friends.
(Part of the library is dedicated to Franz Kafka.)



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